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This page will gradually contain answers to those important little questions. If you don't see your question or consider the answer could be better, then please e-mail me!

How to log on to the discussion forum?

We anticipate lively discussions at COGRIC, so to start the ball rolling we have launched a discussion forum. Due to the threat of spam, we regrettably need people to register. Conference speakers, participants, organisers and supporters are all welcome to register and it should only take a minute. The following 10 steps are designed to help - please e-mail me if they are not clear.
  1. Click the Discussion Forum navigation link (or Latest Discussion box)
  2. Click the Register 'tick' link
  3. Agree to terms and over 13 statement (we're not sure why 13 plus either!) by clicking on the statement
  4. Choose a username that will show up on your posts (e.g. Dr Kaz Kawamura is 'Kaz')
  5. Enter e-mail address (used in authentication, so it must be valid and accessible)
  6. Choose a password
  7. Ignore profile information (unless you wish otherwise) and preferences may also be left unaltered
  8. Click 'Submit' at the bottom of the form
  9. An e-mail from will be sent to your address (item 5). Please open this e-mail and click on authentication link as instructed by the e-mail.
  10. Click the 'Log in' link under the Register button (item 2). Enter username (item 4) and password (item 6)
Join in the discussions!
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